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French artist based in NYC

CAn you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Marie Sophie Lockhart. i’m A French artist based in NYC. I have my own company, I do hand embroidery and artwork for many brands & artists, I wake up everyday doing what I love and I'M really greatful for that!


We love your embroideries! What made yOu start this business in the first place?

Merci, i found an embroidery hoop & threads at the Salvation Army I just wanted to make things for my friends and family At first and try a new media to express myself. I got hooked and started to embroider pretty much everything, it was at a time in my life where I was looking for lots of answers ( still looking ! ). Embroidery helped ME being focusED and put me into this meditative state that I was looking for. 

Now that the Valentine's Day is coming, what are your expectations from this day? 

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope I'll have a good day like every OTHER DAY. 





How would you describe your personal style?

Classic and funky OR funky and classic.


What are the essentials of your wardrobe?

Vintage & designers. 

Denim, linen, suede and corduroy as main fabrics.

Workwear & handmade.

What would be your favorite 3 pieces from our store?

I Love Mr. Mittens sweater,

Nomia Pantalon Snap hem,

Maryam nassir zadeh Sandals

and oh,just because I can't choose only 3; The Rixo Cherry Blossom Blouse and Cleopatra's Bling Earrings and necklaces.



What’s your top 3 places to visit when in Paris and when in NYC?

Paris :

My grandmother’s house (suburbs)

Any good bakery / market ( I do miss French food every single day)

Museums (cause we have the best museums)


My home (Bed-stuy)

Saraghina bakery 












When making embroidery design, where do you take your inspirations from?

Books & life are my main inspiration, i have a big collection of books I always use them as guidance when I want to start a new project, also life, just walking on the street of NY or whereever I am in the world. I travel a lot and i'm always looking for inspiration in everything, I keep my eyes wide open. 

I am lucky to be in NY, we have so many incredible art and museums. sometime a subway ride can take you further than any plane ticket.

How did you discover Gang of Earlybirds?

Via my talented oz friend Olivia from cleopatra's bling.


Are you an earlybird?

100%.i often wake up when the sun rise, it’s the only quiet time in this crazy city! I love this feeling of loneliness.

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