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CAROLINE: I’m caroline, i’m 35 years old and i’m the founder of Three Seven Paris.

I’ve started 2 years ago when we moved back to paris with my husband and our 2-year-old girl muse. we lived in the us for 12 years, we had our business, making furniture on command. we used to travel a lot across the united states to find used things and raw materials to make the furniture.

I started to make ceramic in New York for three seven and once in paris i decided to only focus on that product. all the pieces are designed, illustrated and maDe by hand.

ALIX: My name is Alix Petit, I’m the twin sister of the grand Caroline Petit. I’m also 35 years old, i’m the mother of two little girls, Elis and Panda. I’m the founder of the brand Heimstone that is now 11 years old.

We just launched a new project for the brand and we absolutely love working on it, the Empower Women Through Creativity journal. “EWTC” lol.

With Heimstone we talk a lot about creativity through clothes and prints but the journal is more about creativity in our daily life. We talk about the notion of creativity as entrepreneurs and as women. We organise events and masterclasses on this theme. We speak with a lot of very different women. There are a lot of projects coming up with other entrepreneurs.

We are trying to launch a capsule collections to illustrate the articles and the masterclasses. It’s a great project, we hope it will give us a beautiful second life after this first really is the journal of the brand’s mindset. i think “ewtc” makes the brand more accessible to the girls. they now understand better our collections and inspirations.

How do you get ready for the holidays?

CAROLINE: we don’t, so we don’t stress. lol

we will spend the holidays with our parents, they’re thrilled to have us all. we will all go to the family cottage in the mountain, surrounded by nature.

we love being like children again, being taken care of by our parents for a few days.

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what do you love most about your job?

Caroline: working with my hands is fascinating and hypnotizing. what i love most is to witness the evolution Of the project. as an entrepreneur, it’s very satisfying to see all that has happened since the beginning. the key is to readapt constantly, face the problems, never give up and always rise from your ashes.

ALIX: i love how diverse my job is. i’m a stylist, obviously making my collections and my prints, that creative part, is amazing. but i also really enjoy the business part, like doing my accounting or my business plans. i think there is a very soothing part in it. at the end of the month when the bank matches what happened in reality i’m so satisfied.

who is Three Seven for?

CAROLINE: three seven is for people who enjoy eating well and hosting people. they say that 50% of a great meal is its presentation. there are actually a lot of men that buy our ceramics.

who is the HEIMSTONE woman?

ALIX: the woman Heimstone is very open minded. our clients are very diverse, international, love clothes obviously and are modern women. they are foreigners, parisians, bankers, fashionistas, wild, classic … I don’t want to have one type of client.

what’s your morning routine? are you earlybirds?

ALIX: of course, everyday of our lives, even as kids.our dad raised us with this saying: “the earlybird catches the worm”.

CAROLINE: when alix was starting her business, her work day started at 6am and ended at 11PM.

ALIX: a lot of people ask for example “as an entrepreneur, how do you do deal with the stress, the kids etc…” There is no secret. Wake up early, go to bed early. It’s important to sleep and not wait till 11am to start your day.

CAROLINE: it’s funny but for me, after lunch time the day is over. i keep working in the afternoon but the big part of my day has to be done between 7am and 11am. I’m the most productive at that moment.

alix: i am incapable of working at home when i come back from work or on sundays so i do everything in the morning.

CAROLINE: when we used to live in new york, the city that never sleeps, we went to boxing classes. the first classes were at 5:45aM. i remember that we just had had the girls. we woke up and we went to the boxing class biking at 7AM. We were back home at 8AM, sweaty and we could start our work day.

alix: we had biked through the entire town, it gave us a great feeling of strength and energy. we felt like we had started our day before everyone else.

Caroline: it’s like what we do in the summer with alix. we come back from our vacation on august 15th in paris. we work intensively for two weeks, while everybody is still on vacation. no stress, nobody, no emails. When everyone comes back we’re ready and we can go on vacation again in september.

alix: when i was in new york last week, because of the jetlag we were waking up at 4am. being the first in the streets to go get coffee, it’s a magical moment.

what would be the perfect heimstone recipe to serve in three seven’s ceramic for the holidays?

ALIX: we exchange a lot of recipes. we have two ways of cooking very similar but also with a different twist. we love cooking vegetables or big dishes to share with the entire family or friends. like caroline, i like to have a beautiful plate in my daily life.

CAROLINE: she has to use my ceramics for her dishes by the way! haha

alix’s recipes are more about well being, and mine are more fine dining.

alix petit caroline petit

if you could make a gang with three women, who would you choose?

CAROLINE: Michelle Obama obviously, Ellen DeGeneres and alix.

ALIX: i would choose serena williams, an athlete! emily weiss from glossier because she’s en entrepreneur and beyoncé. three women very different. i love the badass side of rihanna but i don’t knwo if i could be friends with her. what if we added a kardashian ?

CAROLINE: ah yes! Kylie then! also an entrepreneur.


what are your favorite pieces from our selection?

CAROLINE: the sweater maiami, i don’t want to take it off!!

ALIX: i love the overall and the sequin dress, perfect for the holiday season!

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