Lauren Kirby

Our Texan muse







Hi! I'm Lauren. I live in Austin, Texas and I am the Director of Production and Associate Designer at esby apparel, a women's and men's clothing brand.

I grew up in Michigan but moved down here after college with my boyfriend. I didn't plan to stay long, but we both kind of found our dream jobs and so here I am. (Although, I secretly want to move to Paris).

I love clothes and I love to read. Mostly, I am always trying to plan a trip somewhere new. 




What is your morning routine ?


Definitely depends whether it's the work week or the weekend but usually I wake up and take my dog to the park down the street for some exercise.

My boyfriend will make us coffee and breakfast (usually tacos) and then we'll spend some time hanging out and listening to music while we're getting ready.

I have a pretty easy-going morning beauty routine because I'm probably rushing out the door to work! But I always make sure to moisturize and throw on sunscreen. The sun is really strong down here and it's basically always summer.

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What is your best fashion advice ?

I know this sounds cliche but "be yourself, trust your gut, and don't be afraid to stand out."

I always feel my best when I trust my gut on an outfit, and I never regret taking a risk. Even if you look back later and laugh, at least you tried something new and had fun! 














I take a lot of inspiration from travel. I travel a lot for work and for pleasure, and there's so much to see and discover along the way. Every city and every visit is different.

I also love anything old whether it's houses, buildings, clothes, I am intrigued by what it was and how it was built, etc.

I also have so many creative and inspiring friends that I am always moved by. My boyfriend is one of the most stylish people I know and he started his own brand, House of St. Clair, so he's definitely one of my main sources. 




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What music do you listen to when you need a little cheer me up?


Bob Marley and the Wailers always cheer me up. 




What would be your favorite 3 pieces from our store?

MNZ - Sophie woven mules - Natural
Mara Hoffman - Mika dress - White
Cult Gaia - Lilleth Bag - Scales

(I'll just wear them all together!)






If you could create a gang with 3 woman you admire, who would they be?

Phoebe Philo, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Zadie Smith.

They are all extremely talented and inspiring and come from different career and life backgrounds. It Would be awesome to learn and hang out with all of them. 




What’s your top 3 places to visit in Austin?


Deep Eddy : natural pool with a great dive bar (Deep Eddy Saloon)

Laguna gloria : gorgeous contemporary art museum 

Justine's : French restaurant that has the best escargot, martinis and atmosphere




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How did you discover Gang of Earlybirds?

I was walking around Paris with my boyfriend last spring and we saw the store and were immediately intimidated because there were a bunch of super stylish French people hanging out inside. 

Fanny complimented my jeans and was so nice and friendly. The store is so beautiful and I'm dying to go back.




are you an earlybird?

I love to sleep in, but I always want to wake up early.

So it's a constant struggle with me!