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Ophélie Meunier

Our Parisian Gangirl



I’m 32 years old, i’ve been living in paris for 15 years.

Tell us about what you do… 

I’ve started as a journalist, I worked for the magazine Elle for 7 years. i was in charge of the online fashion column. I arrived as an intern, i was only supposed to be there a month.

Then i left to do freelance, It’s been almost three years. I’m still a journalist for different medias and i also developed my copywriter activity and brand content editor.

behind these pompous words there is an actual editorial activity no so different from journalism, especially when for collaborations with (mostly) fashion brands.

I advice, edit and write all types of content for brands. it’s diversified, inspiring and very enriching as the brands and the missions are so different. At the end of the day that job is complementary to my initial activity. Maybe it is its natural evolution?

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what inspiration do you bring back from your travels?

I’m lucky, as a freelance i can travel often. People actually tell me a lot that i’m always on vacation. if you look at my instagram feed there is more blue then grey, i agree. but let’s not forget that wherever i am, i always have my laptop with me. sunday is a mondAY for me, even on the other wide of the world…

I love to blend in when travelling, i do my best so that people don’t know that i’m not from there. i usually succed. I bring back home a lot of cooking ideas, a decoration element, a way to tie a belt or hair, a color association, everything… I’m a HUMAN sponge.

It also happens in paris, it’s just that when traveling we are naturally more aware of our surroundings as nothing looks like something we know. They say we tend to pay less attention to the road when we take it every morning. 

What are your projects to come?

I always say that my ultimate goal in life is to reach a balance. This summer i was in new york and i was talking with my friend jay who is a designer for ralph lauren’s menswear. he was asking me, very seriously, if i had found a balance in life. without pretention, i answered that i was trying my hardest everyday and that i thought i had reached that balance. my project for the future is to maintain that balance. it requires a lot of energy but i love it.

I love working, i’m happy because i found a rhythm in my work. My personal life stimulates me and makes me blossom. I also exercise a lot, i love it, it helps me clear my head and gives me this energy that I need.

Just like everybody i have my bad days when everything goes wrong. i spill my coffee, i messed up an important contract with a client that i like, it’s raining and my hair is a mess.. Ok! but i go running and i think about the next positive thing that i’m gonna do, like going to the restaurant or a professional project. keeping a balance is an ambitious project but why not be?

How would you describe your style?

it’s a question that i asked a hundred times in interviews and i always thought i would hate to answer it! haha

it’s actually difficult, i don’t really know. Clearly my style isn’t street, neither ladylike. i like to feel elegant but not stiff. i always pay a lot of attention to details, to my hair, my jewelry. even if i only have a few, they’re carefully selected.

the way i dress has evolved too. i realized not long ago that i don’t wear sneakers anymore. maybe i’m getting old? I wear a lot of shirts, i love prints but not multi-colored, i love mix & match but also minimal. effortless chic ? it’s not an answer…

what’s your best fashion advice?

Less is more.

are you an earlybird?

i am a super earlybird, i’m confident people who know me would describe me with that adjective! i(ve always woken up early, even if i go to bed late.

I love the calm and serenity of the morning which weirdly gives me a lot of energy. i’m often the only one… let’s say that i’m always the one that gets breakfast ready!  



what are you three favorite items from our collection?

the bomber I love mr mittens

the dress rixo

the socks simone wild

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Jenna Lyons, J. Crew’s previous artistic director. she may be the women i have copied the most haha.

Julia Roberts, i can’t resist, she’s my forever idol…

Michelle Obama, i have a never ending list of questions to ask her. that woman fascinates me. i could have said Oprah Winfrey too. three, it’s difficult!

oops, no french women.



I had always lived on the left bank and i’ve been living by the canal saint martin for a few years now. by the end of the year i think i will have moved back to the other bank…

i love: 

Le Nemours, place Colette Paris 1er

to have a glass of vine at sundown, summer or winter, before of after a walk at tuileries, magical!

Le Bar des Prés, 25 rue du Dragon Paris 6e

cyril lignac’s take on a japonese menu, great for lunches, softened for dinner (great for a date), even better at the bar for the amazing cocktails…

Le Tigre Cherche-Midi 101 rue du cherche midi + Kshanti Yoga 13 rue du Vieux Colombier Paris 6e

two centers where i (intensely, passionately) do yoga