Susan Alexandra

Susan Alexandra

New York's most colorful designer ! 








Hi! I'm Susan, a NYC based designer, dog mother, salad chef and master of carrying lots of things at once (emotionally and physically) .



ARE YOU AN EARLYBIRD ? How do you get ready in the morning ?

I am desperate to be an early bird! I always feel so sharp and productive when I wake before 8am. 

I get out of bed, kiss my dog, make an espresso and check in with myself to see what lies ahead. I try to be a good human and work out (I've recently discovered aqua cycling !) . I don't have a stomach for breakfast but I already start to dream what lunch will be in my future. At this time I also do a quick insta lurk and post. Instagram in my diary and it feels so good to release my emotions into words.


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What made you start this business in the first place?

I was very lost. I knew I wanted to be in New York and I knew I wanted to be in fashion but I wasn't sure where I fit in. Fashion is a very exclusive place and it's not inviting. For a sensitive and empathetic person, it's very difficult.

I decided I needed to re-write what it meant to be in fashion. I could not abide by the "Devil Wears Prada" fear and judgment mentality. This was the impetus for starting my own company.


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While creating where do you take your inspirations from ?

Inspiration is a very internal thing. I will be moved by an emotion or a longing. Creation for me comes from a need to be emotionally or physically soothed. The work I make is an antidote to reality.




 What is the unique viewpoint of Susan Alexandra ?

The viewpoint is one that believes in over the top, sparkling, fantasy. Color and vibrance are essential. The belief is that every item you wear should inspire riotous JOY !





What are the essentials of your wardrobe ?

A sparkling, beaded bag, a fun (and funny) earring, necklace and bracelets (at least 5 on each wrist) , a vintage bias cut dress, preferably with a fruit and floral print and a comfortable shoe.

I live in birkenstocks or sneakers.



 What would be your favorite 3 pieces from our store?

Obviously, I would snag one of my bags (as soon as they are in stock ! Gang of earlybirds is the only stockist in Paris !) .

I think it's high time I own a Rixo Dress and this one brings me back to my recent Sicilian holiday. I would pair this look with a pair of sneakers by Spalwart.

I would wear this to a sexy dinner or to walk my dog, Pigeon.








If you could create a gang with 3 woman you admire, who would they be ?

Frida Kahlo, my mom and Oprah.




What’s your top 3 places to visit in NYC ?

Gaia Italian cafe for a true Italian nonna experience. 

Crystals Gardens in the East Village for a portal into another world.

a long and reflective walk on the water to the very bottom tip of Manhattan, along the West Side Highway.




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What's your favorite fruit ?

This is very hard.

First, it must be in season. In the summer, figs warmed by the sun. Perfectly ripe cantaloupe is sublime and exquisite.  And of course, a rosy, lush slice of watermelon on a hot summer day is proof that the universe wants us to be happy. Magnifique !


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