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Our all time illustrator crush!

Hello Isabelle, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a 27 years old girl from Québec City. I was always passionate about fashion and I studied fashion design and merchandising. I moved to Oslo a few years ago when I met my Norwegian boyfriend, and I am now working from home as an Illustrator. I would say that I am an introverted dreamer.










We love your illustrations! While creating, where do you take your inspirations from?  

I think the best thing about being in a creative field is that everything becomes a potential source of inspiration; I try to be sensitive to what surrounds me to get the most out of it. I would say that what inspires me the most is travelling, but social media and fashion shows also have a huge influence on what I want to include in my illustrations.











Your work always makes us daydream about being near to a beach somewhere. But personally, are you a winter person or summer person?

Definitely a summer person! I have always lived in cold countries and although I have good memories of playing in the snow when I was little, I am over it now.


We notice that you mostly illustrate women in a specific, exaggerated physical proportion. Is there a particular reason behind that?

Not really, it is not something that I did consciously when I my style started developing. In fashion school, with learned to draw these long and elegant silhouettes which I think can be very nice too, but I had done so much of it, I think I got a little bored.

Has there been one place that you traveled and got inspired the most? 

I recently went to India. The whole trip was very inspiring but I especially fell in love with the city of Jaipur; It was like being in a dream! I discovered step wells that I had only seen on pictures before, and they became my new obsession.



How would you describe your personal style?

Very simple, casual. I don’t accessorize much. Sometimes I hit on extravagant pieces, but I always end up choosing things that I know I will love for a long time. I would say my uniform is a good pair of high waisted jeans and a turtle neck (and slip-ons if only I lived in a warm place) 

What would be your 3 favorite pieces from our store?

It was very hard to make a choice!

I Love Mr. Mittens pull aran high neck creme

mara hoffman heidi vert dress

maryam nassir zadeh palma low sandals

If you could create a gang with 3 woman you admire, who would they be?

Again, that’s very hard. There are just so many! On top of my head I would say Miranda Makaroff, Oroma Elewa and Garance Doré.









What’s your top 3 places in Oslo?

Torggata Botaniske, a beautiful botanical bar with delicious cocktails

Heaven Scent, a beauty shop with an amazing selection

Taylor & Jørgen, who make the best doughnuts in town


What’s your best memory from Paris?

I have a lot of good memories in Paris, but last time I went with my boyfriend was great! We rented the smallest Airbnb and we just ate, shopped and explored for a week.

How did you discover Gang of Earlybirds?

Exploring Instagram!


Are you an earlybird?

Not naturally, but I try to and I feel awfully guilty if I am not up at 8 (which is not bad for someone who works from home)

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