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Emilie Bouguereau

Our favorite back-to-school artist


I’m a 29 years old Artist-illustrator living in paris. BEfore doing my drawings full time i used to work as a leather good stylist. It’s a creative job that taught me a lot but i was frustrated to BE limited to a universe that wasn’t mine.

I’ve always drawn. I actually chose to study fashion to be able to have a job that included a lot of drawing. in reality, it’s only a small part of what i do. I finally decided to dedicate myself to my ideas and wishes.

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we love your flat’s decoration, where do you find inspiration?

first, thank you!

my flat’s decoration is like my creations, it’s all about listening to my inspirations and what i want. I really needed nature that’s why i decided to have a lot of plants. I feEl like i’m in a garden and that soothes me. My interior really IS a good reflection of my drawings. IT’s very vegetal and colorful. The animals are missing but it would have been difficult to have Noah’s ark in the middle of my living room.

I mainly buy second hand, I love to have objects with a story and I believe everything old has a lot of charm.

I also bring back a lot of objects from my travels. I love that a decorative element can also be a souvenir. I mix colors, styles, periods,sources… It creates a happy mix!

Tell us about your watercolors AND PORCELAINS...

The first of my watercolors “Les Animaux” was the tigres. after a while drawing with a pencil i wanted colors. i think creation profoundly is emotional. I don’t know what happened to me at that moment but there was the time for color and joy.

My watercolors are narrativE and candid representations of the wildlife. I spent a part of my childhood travelling in africa with my dad who was a wildlife photographER. my youth has been a big safari. My watercolors are the pictorial expressions of my little girl’s souvenirs. they have the approximation, the naivety and idealisation of a child’s eyes.

After the watercolors i wanted to widen my range and draw my patterns on porcelain. I thought it was interesting, it seemed old fashioned enough to actually be modern. So i learned painting on porcelain and i create unique pieces handmade.

What inspired you to start?

The need to be myself and self accomplished. i wanted to explore my artistic universe instead of working to understand the universE of others.

What are you working on next?

I am working on nice collaborations this year. I have done the interior of the RIVECOUR shoeboxes. I will have the chance to expose my work in Hong kong in collaboration with a great leather goods brand. I’d like to make new watercolors and even more porcelains.

I also have a lot of product ideas to decorate with my drawings, slowly but surely. Things wiLl arrive in time.


What are your favorite places in PAris, where you live?

I work at home so my favorite place is mine.

I also love the furniture selection at Idea Paris Design 58 rue Greneta.

I adore the pizzeria Pupetta 124 rue Saint Denis because it’s good and the owners are really nice.

I love the charm of the small shops in passage du grand cerf. De Marseille et d’ailleurs, number 1 in the passage, is an organic cosmetics shop that has great products.





IF you could create a gang of three women, who would you chOose?

only women? just three ? I’ll take the liberty to do as I please. 

frida kahlo for her boldness, her talent, her ideas et her courage.

Antoine de Saint Exupéry for his work, Le PETIT PRINCE Obviously et for aviation too. I’m Starting to pass my License to fly planes, I’m sure he would Have great adviceS for me.

Robert REDFORd’s character in Out of africa, because i will never get over the fact to no be that man. he flies too!

I know I’m not following the guidelines but i’ll finish with this one so you can forgive me: 

Josephine baker for her spectacle of course but mostly for her incredible aura and fscinating existence.

I can picture all of us together. 

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 what are your three favorite pieces from our SeLECTION?

I love the bag Staud bissett

the Kennedy earrings in tortoise. 

and finally the bag Grace Staud

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are you an ealrybird?

I usually go to sleep early or so late that it’s actually early. i guess it’s a yes.

how would you describe your style?

sincerely i have absolutely no idea.

whats your best fashion advice?

Wear clothes that make you feel confident or allow you to reinvent yourself. don’t take it too seriously and have fun. Just feel good in your own shoes.

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