Floral designer of Pine New York, photographer



How about Pine Newyork? 

Pine NY started a few years before I had met Tyler, but I never took it too seriously. Starting a full time floral business was a bit frightening to me. When planning our future, Ty began to encourage me to build Pine, as he truly believed and backed my talents with floral design and my vision for the brand. I relaunched Pine in 2016, with a supportive husband and inspiring friends. I went from doing florals on Valentine’s Day alone each year, to weekly orders and events. I designed my first floral vase last year, and look forward to more Pine floral accessories in the near future! 



What made you start this business in the first place?

Valentine’s day in NYC. NYC is the place for all things unique and beautiful. And when Valentine’s day kept coming around, the only option for flower orders still seemed to be a dozen roses for $150. This was wild to me. So I created Pine to solely help woman and men receive something out of the ordinary from their loved one. Pine Valentine arrangements were tropical, bright, and long lasting.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a New Jersey girl - without the accent (thank god). I moved to NYC when I was 18 in pursuit of fashion/photography. A few years ago I found myself attending Hillsong NYC church where I met a handful of lifelong friends and my husband! I married myself a southern man, in November of 2016. He’s the sweetest thing that’s ever happened to me. His name’s Tyler. 









Now that we have entered a new year, what's your expectation from 2018? 

I’m excited to create more Pine merchandise; including vessels and branded clothing. I just got a new studio space as well, so I’m able to create more comfortably.

During the creation of your flower bouquets, where do you take your inspiration from?

Paintings, architecture, fashion, you name it. A dream night is having nothing to do but scroll the internet and magazines for color and shape inspiration for my arrangements.









How would you describe your personal style?

Comfortable and classic. I admire Caroline De Margret’s parisian style. However, I usually don’t put that much effORT.


What are the essentials of your wardrobe?

Black and navy Adidas Jumpsuits, Acne Studios denim, a long navy wool pea coat from Scotch & Soda (that my husband gifted me on our first Christmas together), and a white James Perse collared button up. 





what’s your top 3 places to visit when in Paris and when in NYC?

When in Paris:

Nanashi - I could eat there everyday.

13 Bonaparte - It’s a beautiful menswear store. I walked in there randomly 2 years ago and ended up becoming close friends with the owner, David. He is the loveliest man and an extremely talented designer!

Negronis at a random neighborhood spot in LE MARAIS




When in NYC:

ABCV - ABC Home opened a new vegetarian/vegan restaurant. They make a roasted cauliflower plate that’s maybe the yummiest dish i’ve ever had. A vegans dream! 

Elizabeth Street Garden - a hidden gem in Nolita, NYC. I pray this heavenly quaint garden is still available when my future children grow up. I dream of taking my daughter there to sit and talk and look at the flowers. 

CAP Beauty - I have an obsession with organic, all-natural skin care and make-up. If I won the lottery my first stop would probably be CAP Beauty in the West Village. 









How did you discover Gang of Earlybirds?

Well, this is a sweet story. It was my birthday - 2 years ago - and I happened to walk into the shop with my best friend, Natalie. We met the shop owner, FANNY, and began to follow each other on Instagram. I soon fell in love with the shop and your signature aesthetic. 



Are you an earlybird?

You bet, I’m wired exactly like my dad. Up before the sun comes up! I love getting an early start to my day. Also, the market opens around5am, so the sooner I get there the better the florals I can get my hands on.

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